That’s All 4 Today

I had to wait for over two hours last night to get in to MSC South.

If you get there too late it’s the pits.

Time to wrap it up.

I’ll Be Back tomorrow at noon when the library opens.

I am damn glad I am here!!!!!!!

I feel very safe for the moment for sure, despite the fact I and my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team threaten more money, power, and prestige than any group of people in history.

[Four heroes our team is–> If not quite a few more heroes from around these parts.]

Don’t misread some of what I say about death and dying.

These words need to be said.

Internet Martyrdom is a Very Powerful Thing.

Who would be foolish to openly execute me in front of all of you? after all that I have blogged in this regard?

The Power of a Free and Open Internet continues to keep me alive.

A Free And Open Internet–> until a declaration of martial law by Obama shuts us all down.

Thank Google and WordPress and Apple and the rest of Silicon Valley and God.

Have a Great Day!

I sure did! blogging from San Francisco!

Allen D


A Few Quick Remarks Before Going To Sleep

My blogging skills have improved substantially these past few months.

I continue to get better and “more effective” with WordPress.

Let’s Assume 4 a minute I get on the train unescorted.

Why would the FefGOV not take advantage of this?

I am a blogging tornado now.

I am a Real Threat—>

To our Federal Government remaining in Power.

We all know this at this point.


I am getting on the train No Matter What.

Do in your heart what U think is right.

I won’t have 2 live with the consequences of this decision.

U will.

This is the Last I am going to write about this matter.

I did what I could.

Allen D