A Short Blog In Regard To The Mafia


As much as I mention the Mafia not meeting me and/or talking to me, and that this probably means “they still want to kill me” it is also worthy to mention that—>

I have seen or felt any threat from the Mafia since when I was in Oregon last summer (in 2013), and even this presence that I saw and felt was very light compared to what I went through the summer of year before (in 2012) when they tried to repeatedly poison me and/or “grab me” when I was homeless and often “on the run by bicycle and on foot” in Omaha NB and Council Bluffs and Des Moines IA.

The Mafia could be just waiting in order “to try to create a disconnect in people’s minds” for when they act against me in the future.

However, the Mafia could very well “be on the fence” and undecided in regard to wanting to kill me, and they may “swing our way and help the Revolution in the future”.

My living or dying in 2014 will tell the true story in the above regards.

Whether they want to kill me or not, I have no fear whatsoever of the Mafia at all, despite our past history of repeated murder attempts.

It’s the Feds and their Martial Law and FEMA camp agenda that we should all be quite concerned about.

Allen D


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