Citizen Allen Darman Issues A Direct Challenge To President Barack Obama To Debate Me In A Google Hangout On JAN 1

Citizen Allen Darman Issues A Direct Challenge To President Barack Obama To Debate Me In A Google Hangout For A Half An Hour In Front Of Google And The American Public On January 1st 2014

Posted on December 1, 2013 by Allen D aka

This blog is one of many that are currently under construction. It is not completed.

On the 1st OF JANUARY 2014, many people are going to be Off Work, on the couch, watching TV, and nursing a hang over!

IT’S A PERFECT TIME 4 Mr. Obama and I TO HAVE a 30 minute Google Hangout Chat with each other—>

Leaving 15 minutes 4 some Calls Ins from the Public, and 15 mins for Commercials.

Make it an Hour SPECIAL for TV and YOUTUBE!

In One Single Hour the U.S Federal Government Would Fall to the Truth if Obama and I faced off, using the efficiencies of these new fangled gadgets we have now!

I CHALLENGE President Obama TO A DEBATE WITH ME Face to Face FOR 30 TO 45 MINUTES Via the Use of a Google Hangout.

I PROPOSE that we debate for 30 TO 45 minutes, leaving 15 MINUTES additional FOR Video Drop Ins TO OUR GOOGLE HANGOUT.

I THINK THAT The American Public is Going to Soon Find Out that—>

President Obama is a Real Coward!



Because he KNOWS THAT I am MUCH Smarter THAN HE IS—>

And HE KNOWS THAT I KNOW a Great Deal More than he does in regard to—>

“What America Really Needs At This Time In Our History”

Obama COULD NOT STAND UP TO THE TRUTH for even 10 or 15 minutes talking to me FACE TO FACE VIA a GOOGLE HANGOUT.

If Obama wants to bring “advisors” to this debate to be a crutch for him, I would choose an equal amount of “Google folks” to be at my side.

There is No Sense disturbing the Holidays or Christmas.

Jan 1st, or Really Any Date In Early January, Would Be a Very Convenient and Appropriate Time for President Obama and I to debate each other (unless he is busy with a new war somewhere, such as Syria or Iraq).

Even if such a War Happened, Surely President Obama could spare an hour debating me from the White House Presidential Office (or Wherever You Are due to the Power of the internet) while V.P. Biden took the helm.

What do you say, President Obama?

Will you debate me, Allen Darman, for a little while in order to help the American Public better and more accurately ascertain the Truth?

Our Debating Each Other Could Greatly Help To Avert a Bloody Civil War or Revolution in America because—> The Truth On So Many Key Topics—> Is So Obscured BY So Many—> And Is So Obscured FOR So Many—> as a Result of Mafia, NWO Agenda, Corporate, and Political Corruption—> Right Up To the Very Top Levels of our Federal Government.

If You Say “No” President Obama in regard to this Proposed Debate with me on Any Reasonable Date in January, I will label you with the Truth of —> The Corrupt, Immoral, Lying Coward that you are!

And I would label you for being  the Intentionally Lying Rat Bastard on top of all of that!

President Obama, I have to admit though, You are Pretty Slick at Lying Your Ass Off, While Putting On a Pretty Good Show for the Public.

That is all that you are good at, President Obama.

You are not presidential material in my opinion, and I am not wrong on this.

Maybe Congress or the Senate were “all you had in you” Intellect-wise.

I understand.

But you should step aside, and let Eight Better Men and Women than You Are “Do Your Job”.

I am only one of them.

The Rest of the Eight Presidents of the New e-Government of the New Freedom States of America that We Will Soon Be Forming *Using Silicon Valley Brain Power* (and perhaps Mafia Force) Are All Smarter than I.

However, “We are All fairly close intellect-wise”.

Allen Darman aka Allen D, NutrientsCure, ADOGG and SmokeMasterAllenD


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