Hello 2 All Of My Fellow CEO’s And Executive Management Friends! Please Allow Me 2 Introduce U 2 the World Of Intuitive Collaborative Management Using WordPress 4 Your Management Platform

Good To Be Alive – Official Lyric Video – Jason Gray

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Published on Mar 12, 2012

The official lyric video for Jason Gray’s song “Good To Be Alive”
iTunes: http://bit.ly/GTBA12
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/GTBAOLV12
Twitter: http://bit.ly/TWGTBA12
Online Store: http://bit.ly/osGTBA12
Website – http://www.jasongraymusic.com
Jason Gray’s song “Good To Be Alive” is off his new album, “A Way to See in the Dark” Now available in stores, on iTunes and at http://www.jasongraymusic.com

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i am really excited about the activation today of this intuitivecollaboration.wordpress.com.

this is an Intuitive  Internet Management Website!!!

or an Intuitive  Collaborative Management Website!!!


i like that last one—> an Intuitive Collaborative Management Website.


i domain-ed it to intuitivecollaboration.com, i think.

i domain-ed a lot of our websites a half hour or so ago—> it get confusing at times which was which.

or maybe i am just too stoned.

you decide—> lol

my card balance for the rest of the month is down to $366.

i checked by phone.

that’s plenty in order to get where i am going.

i already paid for my ticket.

when i hit the Fisherman’s Wharf, i should have about 30 dollars left.

that’s plenty for me.


this will be where all of my iSlices get parked each and every day!

there will be NO OTHER POSTS BUT iSlices on this website that are allowed.

for all you geniuses out there, i guess you have probably figured out by now that this means “one and only one post a day”.

consider this Management Website “the desk of Allen Darman”.

i  will be rambling all over my desk often during the day—>

as i post iSlices in here on a sporadic and occasional basis “as the urge strikes me” throughout the day.

internet executive management 4 us CEO types via WordPress is the stone nuts!

simply put, WordPress is the best CEO management platform on the planet bar none.

and i know it.

what the above most certainly means is—>


obama should be using WordPress.

OBAMA NOT DOING SO REPRESENTS (1) stupidity,  (2) ignorance or (3) corruption.

take your pick.


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